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Say hello to Carlos!

You may not be able to see Carlos and his big smile during lockdown, but here is a little about our Swallow Street Head Chef...

Tell us a little about your history

I was born and raised in the south of Brazil, a region called Parana. My mother was Brazilian, whilst my father was Italian and so I always had the two cultures influencing my life.

I’d always enjoyed cooking and my fondest memories are of my mother cooking in our kitchen at home. Having married into an Italian family, she’d mastered Italian cooking! My favourite dish she made was a classic Spaghetti Bolognese.

Staying true to my Italian heritage, I decided to move to Italy when I was a little older. This is when I started my career as a chef in a beautiful hotel in the North of Italy. I fell even more in love with Italian cuisine and admired their way of cooking which was centred around the ingredients.

In 2006 I made the bold decision to move to London and FishWorks was my first job. I actually started as a Kitchen Porter, practicing my English and learning new ways of cooking with seafood. I quickly learnt my way around the kitchen working in every section. I loved cooking with seafood and I guess my passion showed when I became head chef last year at FishWorks Swallow Street.

What is your favourite seafood?

I have to say Dover Sole. I love the mild and sweet taste it has. I enjoy it à la meunière, with flour, butter, chopped parsley and lemon. Personally I like it whole, as the bones add flavour to the fish. Serve it with a simple garlic spinach and the Fishworks Quinta da Boa wine for perfection.

What is your top tip for cooking with fish?

I think it depends on the fish, however one thing I always tell my team or to guests cooking at home is to always keep it simple! It’s all about keeping the flavour of the fish. You can always jazz your dish up with your sides!

If you could invite 3 celebrities to a dinner party, who would you choose?

Gordan Ramsay- I’d love to see his reaction to my dishes

Tom Hanks- Because who wouldn’t want to meet Tom Hanks

Paolla Carosella – Paolla is a famous Brazilian chef on the Brazilian Masterchef. She is one of my greatest inspirations and it would be an honour to cook for her.

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