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Fresh Sustainable Fish

We receive deliveries of freshly caught seafood each day from our local fisheries and fishermen. We believe in supporting sustainable fishing and buy direct from locally sourced seafood such as rod and line caught Wild Sea Bass and Hand-Dived scallops from just off the coast of Dorset. 

FishWorks Fishmongers


Each of our friendly fishmongers is also a trained and experienced chef. Not only can we prepare your fish to your liking, we can also pair any of our speciality sauces from our deli with your fish and advise you on how best to cook it.

Pop in and choose your fish, fill in our online form or give us a call and speak directly with our fishmongers to pre-order.  Whether it is a filleted Wild Sea Bass or a freshly prepared Fruits de Mer for your guests, our team of experts will be happy to help.

Email our friendly team to pre-order your fish or to ask any questions.

South Coast Wet Fish

Dover Sole, Wild Sea Bass, Yellow fin Tuna,  Monkfish tail, Whole Turbot

Organic Salmon fillet,  Devon Ray wings,  Cod fillet,  Whole Brill

Red Gurnard, Gilt Head Bream, Farmed Bass

Shellfish & Crustacea

Picked brown Crab meat, Live Pallourde Clams,  Whole  Dartmouth Crab

Madagascan Wild Prawns,  Cooked Crevettes

Rock oysters, South Coast Scallops 

Live Mussels


The FishWorks Deli

Famous Fishcake, Traditional Smoked Salmon pack

Homemade Aioli, Taramasalata, Freshly made Tartare,  Fresh Salsa Verde, Fish Soup, FishWorks Prawn Cocktail

Marinated Seafood salad, Marinated Anchovies

Please note the price and availability is subject to change due to seasonality and more varieties are available in store. 

If you have any specific requests, please speak to our team who will be happy to order it for you

Contact Us

Ordering your fresh fish is quick and easy.  Either call one of our restaurants on the numbers below, pop into store to visit our resident fishmongers or fill in our online form. 


Our team will take care of the rest.

FishWorks Marylebone:  0207 935 9796

FishWorks Swallow Street:  0207  734 5813

FishWorks Covent Garden: 0207 240 4999

Thanks! Message sent.

Fishmonger Contact Form
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