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We all need a little extra love this year…

We’re so sorry we can’t host Valentines this year. Valentine’s Day is one of our biggest days of the year and we always look forward to seeing our happy couples enjoying their date night with us.

Normally you would find us talking about our special Valentines menu, whether that’s Caviar and Champagne or Luxury Lobster dishes, however this year instead we thought we’d give you a few tips on recreating a restaurant Valentines experience at home!

Tip 1

Restaurants are the Kings of atmosphere. We know exactly what to do to create the best restaurant atmosphere, whether that’s a festive or romantic one. So remember to dim the lights, get some smooth music playing and turn a few candles on (safely).

Tip 2

Let’s get your table set up. This isn’t a week night dinner… get your fancy plates out and go out and buy some pretty napkins. You can place your napkins next to or on your plate with your cutlery on top. Why not place a few candles or flowers on your table too? Don’t forget your water glasses and wine glasses too. Set your table up like you’re dining out!

Tip 3

Thought about your courses? It’s Valentines after all, so why not indulge in a 3 course seafood feast. To make it easier, make your first and your last courses cold or pre-made. This means you can spend more time at the table rather than the kitchen! We would recommend a delicious smoked salmon and cream cheese starter, followed by a seafood linguine and finished with a chocolate mousse.

Tip 4

Pop that fizz… splash out on a lovely bottle of Champagne. Or if you would like something lighter, why not try a Bellini with Prosecco and peach purée.

We might not be there to make your night that little more special this year but we still wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day and evening.

If you’re quick, you still have time to place an order to have a Fruits de Mer platter or Oyster box delivered to you ahead of Valentines. Last order to get in time for Valentines Day is on Wednesday 10th February, to be delivered on Saturday 13th February.

Remember to share your Valentines snaps with us on our social channels too @fishworksuk


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