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All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey…. But we’re celebrating the amazing shell fish season!

Autumn may bring us wind and rain, but alongside the turn in weather we also see the beauty nature has to offer. With the yellow, orange and brown leaves in sight we also have the chance to enjoy shell fish coming into bloom.

With the seasonal change, shell fish like mussels, clams and oysters are at its best. We love to celebrate the peak of all our seafood coming in daily and so you will find some lovely tributes across our FishWorks paying homage to what Autumn has to offer.

Visit Covent Garden for a seasonal lunch special of the classic Moules Marinière with double cooked chips for £8.50. Or why not head over to Swallow Street after a shopping trip along Regent Street to enjoy 3 Jersey Oysters and a glass of Champagne for £15.

With those cold nights drawing in, indulge in an October special Bloody Mary… with of course an oyster on top! Find this classic cocktail in all our FishWorks restaurants till 31st October.

Why not contact us to ask about our seasonal seafood? Our head fishmonger Benny Yong can help you with your fresh seafood needs by recommending great catches and how to serve them. Just drop him and email on

Don’t miss out on our Autumn specials this month, book your table here

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Tony Stark
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