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The Freshest Fish Now in Season

Last updated: 8.59am, Wednesday 3rd September 2014 by

January 2014
Our top choices for this season's tastiest seafood, with the perfect tipple recommendations!

Turbot - A highly prized species (and often regarded as the best of the flat fish) with great flavour and firm, white flesh.
It has an almost round shaped body, studded with bony tubercles on its dark side. Colour varies from light to dark brown, spotted with green or black and a white blind side.
The texture is similar to Halibut, but it has a slightly more pronounced ‘fishy’ taste, so requires very little to enhance the flavour.
Recommended with a glass of Sancerre Blanc 2011, Jean-Jacques Bardin.

Native Oysters - are considered the best, but takes twice as long to grow, making it more expensive. We are serving Duchy of Cornwall, simply on ice with some lemon, shallot vinegar and Tabasco on the side – so you choose how you like them best. These are full of minerals and delicious!
Recommended with a glass of balanced with richness and power champagne - Dom Perignon 2003.

Gilt Head Sea Bream - the most popular, and highly regarded of the Sea Breams (also known as Royal Bream).
According to Greek mythology, Gilt Head Bream was considered sacred to Aphrodite - the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture!
Recommended with a glass of Muscadet ‘Origine’ 2002, Nicolas Choblet, Loire Valley (12 year old Muscadet – very special).

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