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Father’s Catch!

Last updated: 12.00am, Monday 1st June 2015 by

Definitely the biggest fish to share.

OK, now we now we have been mentioning Fish to share on social media quite often, but we just want to make sure you are aware of what it is!

Exactly! When you go fishing with your Dad and then come back home to tell Mum what fish you’ve caught and had to let go... Now we say – why don’t you try to share it with the family at last... for example on Father’s Day? Just try to imagine... you choose the biggest Wild bass of the counter (you might as well get a selfie, just get the restaurant background out of the way), make sure you remember the weight for the story!

The fishmonger cleans it for you, then chef crust it in salt while you are enjoying a glass of chilled white wine, then your starters arrive... after a nice 30min catch up with your family, here it comes... a waitress with massive tray, with the big catch on it, with your permission – fillets the fish in front of your guests and it is ready to be savoured.

Oh wait, family picture first!

OFFER. If that won’t be enough of a drama – we have a treat for Dad’s. 21st June from 5pm all Father’s get a dessert on the house – reservation required mentioning the special occasion.

Don’t forget to check us our on social media for out pictures with a catch.

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