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All at Sea, not? We bring the sea to you.

Last updated: 12.27pm, Monday 6th July 2015 by

For fish to taste nice, it has to swim 3 times: In water, in butter, in wine.

Hope you’ve enjoyed tips, tricks & recipes? From now on all at sea, so are we – follow us on social media over summer and smile at least twice a week!

The biggest smiles we expect to see on your little ones! In addition to our colouring sheets and real deal fish counter with fishmongers ready to educate – we have an online game for kids!

In Swallow Street we have a WiFi and whilst your kids wait for the food – play time! Follow the instructions when you log onto the WiFi to access the game. It works both on mobile and tablets or if you are visiting Marylebone, you can still access the game by clicking here</a>
but that’s via your own mobile internet.

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