Each of our friendly fishmongers is also a trained and experienced chef. Not only can they prepare your fish to your liking but they can help to advise you on how best to cook it.

You can pop in and choose your fish or please feel free to give us a call and speak directly with our fishmongers to pre-order. Whether it is a filleted Wild Sea Bass or a freshly prepared Fruits de Mer for your guests, we will be happy to help!

Today's Catch Preparation of Fish Recipes 


Our wines are carefully selected to complement the freshest seafood by our great friend Tim McLaughlin-Green, sommelier, wine consultant and owner of Sommelier’s Choice. 

Tim was short-listed for the Harpers & Queen Sommelier of the Year award. His philosophy is to search for and work with family owned wineries, producing high quality wines in small quantities aiming for something really special.  If you enjoyed the wine in our restaurants, you can get them at our fishmongers or if you like it delivered, you can buy them at Sommeliers  Choice online shop.  

Sommeliers choice