About us

About Us

Our restaurants are located in London and are designed especially for seafood lovers: Marylebone High Street and Swallow Street near Piccadilly. We believe in providing the freshest and highest quality seafood to each of our valued customers, delivering the finest dining experience possible with our passionate team.

You will find a wide variety of fresh fish, caught within the season. Our fishmongers provide the expertise to make seafood accessible to everybody, every day. Our promise to deliver the best experience possible is something that we never compromise on.

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Bringing You Closer to the Catch

We receive deliveries of freshly caught seafood each day from our local fisheries and fishermen. We believe in supporting sustainable fishing and buy direct from locally sourced seafood such as rod and line caught Wild Sea Bass and Hand-Dived scallops from just off the coast of Dorset. Freshly caught for the freshest taste.

FishWorks are proud sponsors of The Fishermen’s Mission, which provides emergency support and practical care to fishermen and their families in times of need. So far we’ve raised a total of £8782 by donating £1 for every Zuppa del Pescatore sold from our restaurants.
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Skin Deeper Trawler Fishermen

People with  a Passion for Fish

Our passionate and experienced teams, lead by our head chefs, managers and fishmongers, look forward to welcoming our valued customers every day. Whether it is a team lunch, department dinner with colleagues or a special get together with friends and family, our fish experts are happy to help.

"Growing up near the seaside my mum always cooked fish and has always been a favourite food of mine. I started working in FishWorks in 2001 where I was trained to become a fishmonger. Now as a head fishmonger I am responsible for the fish counters and fishmongers in all FishWorks sites. I love my job because it makes me happy every day, when my customers come back telling me how good their fish was! My favourite fish is Mackerel and as an expert I can say it is a very healthy fish which contains loads of Omega 3."

Benny Yong Zhou, Head Fishmonger